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Volvo Concept Estate Looks Good in Stutterheim’s Car Cover

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I'm guessing Volvo wins the Geneva Motor Show. Just look at this thing.

Volvo Concept Estate

Oh, you tease. Don’t be shy.

A good, well-tailored coat or jacket is enough to make anyone feel confident, look great, and garner a good amount of attention. Of course, having a good body beneath to help fill that coat out is only going to get more attention; if the teaser images of the Volvo Concept Estate released by Sutterheim Raincoats are any indication, this sexy shooting-brake is positioning itself pretty well to be the star of the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

Of course, Sutterheim’s role in revealing some of the Estate’s features (including a sexy chocolatey, five-spoke aluminum wheels, and wraparound taillights) also serves the purpose of promoting their Estate Svart car cover.

“The Estate Svart is a car cover made with inspiration from the Volvo Concept Estate. A design concept that spoke to me in its calm Scandinavian presence, immediately linking Volvo to what we are trying to do here at Stutterheim. The cover is handmade together with the Volvo’s design team using hand-stitched seams on a rubberized cotton fabric in the best quality. The result is a unique jacket for your favorite automobile, keeping it safe from outer demons, warm and ready for adventure.”

Volvo Concept Estate

Know why it’s pixelated? Because it’s sheer car porn.

That’s right: the Estate Svart is a car cover that will effectively protect your vehicle against demons. That’s a guarantee I’ll take to the bank.

“As a true car lover, I set out on a mission to create the perfect car cover, and what would be more natural than to do it together with my fellow-countrymen at Volvo Cars,” said Stutterheim Raincoats founder Alexander Stutterheim in a press release. “Together with Volvo’s team, I spent time in the studio calculating weights, styles, and materials. Together, we created Estate Black, the first ever car cover from Stutterheim Raincoats.”

Volvo Concept Estate

I like this guy. I like this guy a lot.

The Volvo Concept Estate, in glimpses and in profile, sure looks delicious beneath Stutterheim’s car cover masterpiece. Not to mention, from what we can tell, it kind of reminds us of something we’ve seen very recently.

Okay, Volvo, you win. Give us a production version of the Volvo Concept Estate and an Estate Svart car cover (hell, make it two just to be safe), and you can just go ahead and take all of the money.