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What to Consider When Picking an Eco-Friendly Vehicle for a New Driver

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Teenager Driving Teen Driver

If you’re looking for a vehicle for your teen driver, now is the chance to consider an eco-friendly vehicle. Today’s eco-friendly cars offer a bevy of safety systems, advanced connectivity tech, and eco-friendly powertrains that will save your teen money and time at the gas station in addition to a big-impact opportunity to go green.

Choosing the right vehicle

Of course, not every eco-friendly vehicle is created equally, so similar to when you’ve shopped for a traditionally-powered vehicle, research is key. Also important (sometimes the most important motivator) is your budget.

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Devin Morrissey, a contributor at, notes that setting a realistic budget is imperative to help you narrow down your eco-friendly options.

Hybrids and all-electric vehicles, like the zero-emission Nissan LEAF, are two Earth-friendly options. By harnessing electric power, your teen driver won’t be polluting the atmosphere with every mile he drives.

In addition to investing in an EV, you can help your teen become an eco-friendly driver no matter what wheel they’re behind by implementing certain driving strategies.

“Driving at lower speeds improves your gas mileage, helping both your wallet and the environment. Encourage your teens to stick to the posted speed limit and drive smoothly to avoid ‘jackrabbit’ starts and sudden stops,” Morrissey writes.

2019 Nissan LEAF details

The 2019 Nissan LEAF offers drivers a choice of batteries — a 40 kWh and 62 kWh. It earns an EPA-estimated range of approximately 226 miles when equipped with the 62 kWh battery along with a 214 horsepower rating. When equipped with the 40 kWh battery, the 2019 LEAF earns an EPA-estimated range of 150 miles and a horsepower rating of 147. The Nissan LEAF also makes it easy to stay charged with three levels of charging. 

2019 Nissan LEAF
Photo: Nissan

Standard safety systems include Automatic Emergency Braking, the Nissan Advanced Air Bag System, and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Easy-Fill Tire Alert. The 2019 LEAF is available at six trim levels — S, SV, SL, S Plus, SV Plus, and SL Plus.

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