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Which Monopoly Board Game Editions Are Car or Racing-Themed?

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Monopoly might not be the perfect board game, but its design and layout make it perfectly customizable. In fact, hundreds upon hundreds of unique editions of the  classic board game have been created over the years.

For die-hard petrol heads, plenty of unique Monopoly editions exist to satisfy inner auto-racing cravings (in addition to the classic race car token). While not all of them were released in the United States, most can be purchased through international online retailers.

13 Monopoly Themes Car-Enthusiasts Will Love

V8 Supercars Edition Monopoly board game

V8 Supercars

Enjoy the thrill of high-octane touring racing with the Australian-made V8 Supercars edition that takes you around the world with the most prestigious racing teams. Property spaces feature teams like Lockwood Racing, Erebus Motorsport V8, and Red Bull Australia Racing, plus races like the Sydney 500 and Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.  Tokens and hotels are standard Monopoly pieces.A limited Australia Charity edition is also available, featuring legendary V8 drivers. proceeds go to pediatric cancer relief through the Variety Club and McGuiness McDermott Foundation.

Moto GP Edition Monopoly board game

Moto GP

This year, Spanish game distributor Eleven Force released a MotoGP-themed edition to celebrate the premier motorcycle road racing championships. Property spaces feature famous riders like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. Tokens and hotels are standard Monopoly pieces.

VW Volkswagen Edition Monopoly board game


Honor the legacy of Volkswagen with this VW Collector’s Edition, where you can buy and trade nostalgic VW models (replacing traditional property spaces) like the Fastback and the Squareback. Exclusive tokens include a key, steering wheel, and peace sign. Hotels and houses are now colored black and white to represent carports and garages. Unique VW money and Road Map cards are also included.

Ford Mustang Edition Monopoly board game


Celebrate the history of Ford’s pony car with the Mustang Edition and Mustang 40th Anniversary editions of Monopoly. Property spaces include the GT Convertible, Indy 500 Pace Car, and Roadster Concept Car. Tokens include Mustang models, tires, hood ornaments, gas pumps, horseshoes, or other items, depending on which edition you get.

Chevy Corvette Edition Monopoly board game


America’s favorite sports car is commemorated in the Corvette Edition and 50th Anniversary Corvette Edition of Monopoly. Property spaces are the different model years, as are the playing tokens.

Ford Anniversary Edition Monopoly board game


A century of Ford innovation comes alive in the Ford 100th Anniversary Edition. Property spaces are iconic models from throughout the years–including the 1914 Model T, 1932 Deuce Coupe, 1955 Thunderbird, and 2003 GT–as are the pewter playing tokens.

Dale Earnhardt Edition Monopoly board game

Dale Earnhardt

Celebrate the life and achievements of this NASCAR champion in the Dale Earnhardt Collector’s or Legacy Editions. Tokens include his car, helmet, trophy, checkered flags, and signature. Property spaces include the #3 Monte Carlo ’95, #3 Wrangler Select ’99, and #30 Malibu ’76. The custom dice even have his number 3 on them.

NASCAR Racing Edition Monopoly board game


Combine the thrill of stock car racing with the wheeling-and-dealing classic American board game. Versions include the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Edition and NASCAR Collector’s Edition. Property spaces are sponsoring companies like Pennzoil, Goodwrench, and McDonalds (NASCAR editions) or drivers like Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, and Rusty Wallace (NEXTEL edition). Tokens include checkered flags, tires, trophies, cars, and pit stop crews. Special money is included.

My Fantasy Drivers Edition Monopoly board game

My Fantasy Drivers

Make your Monopoly game customized with this clever My Fantasy Drivers NASCAR Edition. Use removable cling labels to pick from the two dozen legendary drivers as your property tiles. Tokens are the same as other NASCAR Monopoly editions.

Disney Cars 2 Edition Monopoly board game

Cars 2

Take a spin on the only round Monopoly board in this simplified version for the whole family. The Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Edition features Lightning McQueen on a track instead traditional dice, with property spaces and playing tokens being the movie’s characters like Mater, Sally, and Finn McMissle. Tires and Pitties are used in place of houses and hotels. Even the money is customized.

Formula 1 Custom Edition Monopoly board game

Formula 1

You’d think Monopoly would have an official Formula 1 version, wouldn’t you? Well, it didn’t, so Canadian graphic designer Yolanda Lee created this brilliant Formula 1 Yolanda Lee Edition that isn’t available for purchase.The track, instead of being a simple square, is a curvy race track fitting the theme of the game. Tiles are race locations like the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Playing pieces are car parts and houses/hotels are tires and F1 vehicles. The GO space is replaced with a starting light, the jail space is a suspended license, and money is customized.

Harley Davidson Bike Edition Monopoly board game

Harley Davidson

If you like vehicles with two wheels instead of four, multiple Harley Davidson Editions exist, including a premium Deluxe Edition. Playing pieces are motorcycles and parts; tiles are different bike models.

For a more detailed list of all the special edition Monopoly games, check out the exhaustive Wikia page.