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Young Drivers Love Mustang as Much as Ford Loves Hashtags

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2015 Ford Mustang

You know that feeling when your parent gets a Facebook or god-forbid an Instagram and they just start flinging out hashtags with little regard for how they work or what they do? That’s a bit like what it feels like when Ford just starts dropping hashtags in the titles of its press releases, particularly when those press releases are all about how in touch it is with its younger buyers.

According to a press release entitled “NEW FORD #MUSTANG #ECOBOOST OPTION BRINGS YOUNGER BUYERS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA,” shoppers between the ages of 16 and 35 account for roughly 47% of the 2015 Mustang’s market share, up 17 percentage points from the year prior. Further, 47% of new Mustang shoppers in its hottest market—Southern California (or SoCal if you’re all hip and junk) choose the EcoBoost® engine option, and the result is a days-to-turn total of a little over two weeks.

And, hey, that all means good things for Ford, a brand that is obsessed with (and successful at) connecting with Millennials and Generation Z shoppers. But, ya know, maybe they could cool it a bit on the hashtags in their press releases, ya know?