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6 Pointers to Keep in Mind When Learning How to Drive

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Making the Most of your Driving Lessons

When learning to drive, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Some new drivers become arrogant once they get behind the wheel, which can get in the way of truly making the most of their lessons. A certain level of humility and care needs to be present whenever you get behind the wheel—and this goes for seasoned drivers as well as rookies.

The following list applies both to beginners and to drivers with years of experience—particularly those who think it’s a good idea to zip through traffic and drive dangerously in order to reach their destination a few minutes early.

  • Confidence equals safety: Of course, being a little nervous initially is only natural; however, one must ensure that this nervousness doesn’t translate into a permanent state of mind. Nervous drivers can ultimately be unsafe drivers. Keeping that in mind, you will really have to work towards keeping your emotions in firm control from day one.
  • Learn to get comfortable with the car: No two cars are the same. Once you understand that, you’ve already won half the battle. The difference between two cars that are seemingly similar on the outside can literally be akin to the difference between night and day. Looks can be quite deceiving, after all. So, no matter what, make sure that before getting behind the wheel of any car, you are familiar with and comfortable with its controls, handling, and safety features.
  • Beware of over-confidence: Once your initial nervous state of mind vanishes, don’t let that turn into complacency or being overtly cocky on the road. This could become dangerous in no time, plus your overconfidence could cause you to ignore the dangers associated with driving in different weather conditions, as well as dangerous traffic scenarios.
    Making the Most of your Driving Lessons
  • Avoid fixating on your mistakes: Remember that making mistakes is a natural part of learning how to drive. Ultimately, making mistakes isn’t the problem; the problem is when you never learn from your mistakes. Focus on the present and what you’re seeing ahead of you right now rather than pointlessly dwelling on your mistakes of yesterday.
  • Focus on acing your gear changes: There are definitely bad things about driving, but few of them are as bad as an awkwardly heavy gear change. This is all about the proper palm position on each of the gears, so keep a watchful and attentive eye out for that.
  • Get used to using all your senses: When talking about your senses and driving, most people instinctively think about only vision, but there is much more to driving than just using your eyes. Your sense of smell will tell you when your tires or oil are burning, while your ears will alert you to hazards like horns and sirens—provided your radio is turned to a reasonable volume.

While it’s important to keep all these points in mind, remember to have fun when taking lessons at your driving school. Learning to drive is one of the most valuable life tools to have, so be as vigilant as possible, but also don’t forget to lay back (not literally, of course) and simply enjoy the ride.

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