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Should You Buy An Electric Car in 2014?

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Electric Car in 2014 - 2014 Ford Focus

Electric Cars, such as this Electric Ford Focus, are becoming more and more popular, but should you buy an electric car in 2014?

With electric cars becoming all the rage in our society, more and more car brands are introducing these alternatively-powered cars into their lineup. Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW are some of the brands that will join the race to revive the electric car in 2014 (almost makes you wonder how we ever declared it dead, doesn’t it?). All of this brings us to one very important question to which those looking to get behind the wheel of a new car want an answer—will 2014 be the prime year to buy an electric car?

The answer to this question is a bit iffy. While the electric car technology hasn’t advanced far enough to introduce a car with an extended range necessary for longer commutes—the average EV usually gets about 85 miles per charge—the price tag has decreased to accommodate these lower ranges with federal tax incentives to help keep money in your wallet. Also, charging the battery won’t necessarily become a faster task for your electric car in 2014, but the number of charging stations throughout the country will definitely increase, once again adding a bit more of incentive. More flash in the line up will help a bit too, especially when it comes to the Le Mans-inspired Nissan BladeGlider.

The reality is that there’s little significant change from 2013 model-year EVs to 2014 models aside from the fact that there are a few new options and a bit of a change in prices. Our advice: if an electric car fits your own needs, then go for it! Just think it through before you go through with it, though we don’t think you will regret it!

Let us know: if you’re thinking about buying an electric car in 2014, what’s leading your decision to do so?

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