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FCA Maintains Steady 7% Sales Decline During the First Half of 2017

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FCA June sales and year-to-date sales both decreased by 7%

The 2016 Chrysler 300 comes with one of the most unique front fascias in the auto industry

While other models suffered in June, the Chrysler 300 did surprisingly well

For the first five months of the year, FCA had maintained a relatively steady 7% overall sales decline. As June wrapped up, FCA certainly didn’t do anything to break the trend. After all, both FCA’s June sales and year-to-date sales were down 7%.

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Once again, both Ram and Alfa Romeo were the only FCA brands to avoid sales declines in June. 1,017 Alfa Romeo vehicles were sold in June and 3,717 vehicles have been sold so far this year.

Meanwhile, Ram managed to sell 43,073 Ram Pickups last month, a 5% increase compared to pickup sales during June of last year. While Ram has sold an impressive 250,443 Ram pickups so far this year, it still hasn’t surpassed sales for its rival the Chevrolet Silverado, which has reached a year-to-date sales metric of 262,940.

2017 Ram 1500

When it comes to overtaking the Silverado, Ram is so close, yet so far

FCA’s other brands, however, did not do so well last month. This is especially true for Dodge, which had achieved some level of success in prior months. As a whole, Dodge sales were down 14% in June. This doubled the brand’s year-to-date sales decline from 2% to 4%.

2015 Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pack burnout

The Dodge Challenger continued to flex its sales muscles

The Dodge Challenger managed to have a pretty good month in June. 6,605 Challengers were sold in June, resulting in a 24% sales increase for the muscle car. However, the Dodge Journey, which had been experiencing good sales up to this point, suffered in June. With only 6,073 Journey models sold, the SUV experienced a 51% sales decline compared to the 12,507 units sold in June of 2016.

Journey sales were cut by more than half in June

Chrysler, which has been picking up some slack from previous months, is still far behind. While facing a 15% sales decline in June, overall year-to-date sales for Chrysler are down 21%. Surprisingly, the Chrysler 300 had a very successful month in June. FCA was able to sell 5,355 300 sedans last month, a 47% sales increase compared to last year.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Front End

It’s hard to stay on top when people keep calling for bigger SUVs

Jeep, which has been facing some bad fortune for the past few months, managed to do better than either Chrysler or Dodge, with an 11% sales decline. Year-to-date, Jeep is currently undergoing a 13% sales decline. While still one of Jeep’s best-selling models, the Jeep Cherokee experienced a 27% sales decline last month. Its larger cousin, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, fared much better with a 21% sales increase in June. Jeep remains FCA’s best-selling brand, with 406,291 units sold so far this year. However, compared to the 465,243 vehicles sold during the first half of 2016, this still accounts for the brand’s 13% decline.

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In 2017, Ram has overtaken Dodge’s place as the company’s second most-successful brand. Dodge sales have decreased from 272,171 units to 260,980 units, while Ram sales have increased from 259,958 units to 279,595 units. FCA wrapped up the first half of 2017 with 1,067,360 vehicles sold. This is par the course with the automaker’s 7% sales decline, as it sold 1,144,283 vehicles during the first two quarters of 2016.

You can examine FCA’s sales performance in the chart below:

FCA June 2017 Sales