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Peach State Challengers Support Atlanta Falcons By Spelling #RISEUP Using 55 Dodge Challengers

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Photo: Facebook

Some fans use a bumper sticker to show their team pride, and some fans use 55 vehicles
Photo: Facebook

Super Bowl LI, one of the biggest sporting events of the year,  is less than a week away. In order to prepare, fans of both the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons are currently participating in sporting rituals, both traditional and unconventional, to cheer on their team. Recently, a group of car enthusiasts from Georgia orchestrated an event that would definitely fall under the “unconventional” category.

The Peach State Challengers supported the Atlanta Falcons by spelling out #RISEUP using 55 Dodge Challengers.

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The Peach State Challengers is an alliance of drivers who all own and drive Dodge Challenger vehicles. These Dodge enthusiasts are well-known for their colorful displays, including a rainbow they constructed out of 76 Dodge Challengers.

Aerial Shot of Dodge Challenger Rainbow

It looks like we’ve found the Rainbow Connection
Photo: Facebook

They recently brought out their technicolor muscle cars in support of the Atlanta Falcons. In order to do so, the Peach State Challengers used 55 Challenger vehicles to spell out #RISEUP, the official Super Bowl LI hashtag for the Atlanta-based team.

After coordinating the event at a local parking lot, the Peach State Challengers posted an aerial view of the display to the organization’s Facebook page, which can be seen below:

While not as color-coordinated as the previous display from the organization, the giant #RISEUP slogan is nevertheless impressive. Although it does seem that the organization had an excess of five Dodge Challengers, which were used to underline the word “rise.” It’s probably best to come over-prepared than under-prepared, especially when it comes to giant Dodge Challenger displays.

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As the Big Game approaches, it seems likely that more interesting displays of support will “rise up” from fans of both of the participating teams. Now as they say…

News Source: 11Alive NBC Atlanta