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How to Pet-Proof Your Car And Keep It Clean

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Pet Proof your car

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Slobber. Fur. The occasional hairball. For pet owner’s these tend to be the precious memories pets leave behind in your car whenever you decide to take them on a road trip. Whether your furry friend barks, meows, or slithers, it’s likely that they like to leave behind a bit of themselves whenever they go for ride to the vet. The next time you find yourself bringing Fido and Garfield along in the car, make sure you follow these tips on how to pet-proof your car and keep it clean—your car will never be furry again!

Start fresh. Before you can pet-proof your car, it’s important to make sure all traces of your pet are gone. Give your interior a thorough cleaning, purging your car’s interior of dirt, fur, and dander that permeates everything the second your pet enters the car. If you need help doing this, we suggest you stop in to your local car detailers for a top-notch cleaning.

Use seat covers. While seat covers can be rather unattractive, there are plenty of stylish options out there that can help protect your seats. Without a seat cover, your cloth interior is like Velcro for your dog and cat hair. If you have leather seats, they are more susceptible to scratches from your pet’s nails. Prevent damage and dirt by using seat covers whenever your furry friend comes along with you for a ride.

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Consider heavy-duty floor mats. Typically made of durable, non-slip rubber, these floor mats are made to catch spills and accidents of any kind, protecting your carpet. These are a great way to ensure your car stays clean—especially if your dog tends to vomit a bit when he’s with you on your road trip.

Coat your seats with water- and stain-resistant fabric guard. Stain-resistant fabric is always a good idea—even if you don’t have a pet. Whether you want to protect against slobber, snot, or other unmentionables, making sure your fabric is stain-resistant is key. You can even coat your entire interior, guarding your upholstery with ease.

Cover your windows with clear plastic wrap. If your car is moving and you happen to have a dog with you, it’s likely that dog is looking out the window. While it’s an adorable sight to see, you might think again when you see just how smudged your windows are as a result. Use clear plastic wrap across the windows to protect against nose smudges, keeping your windows looking like new even after a trip to the groomer’s!

With these tips on how to pet-proof your car, you will ensure your ride stays looking like new. If you plan on taking your pet with you on a road trip, don’t forget to check out these tips for road trips with your pets, too!