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How to Pet-Proof Your Car And Keep It Clean

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puppy sleeping on seat of car

Slobber. Fur. The occasional hairball. For pet owners, these tend to be the precious memories pets leave behind in your car whenever you decide to take them on a road trip. Whether your furry friend barks, meows, or slithers, it’s likely that they tend to leave behind a bit of themselves whenever they go for a ride to the vet or the park. The next time you find yourself bringing Fido and Garfield along in the car, be sure you follow these tips on how to pet-proof your car and keep it clean.

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Start fresh

Before you can pet-proof your car, it’s important to make sure all traces of your pet are gone. Give your interior a thorough cleaning, purging it of dirt, fur, and dander. Lint rollers and the ChomChom pet hair remover have been known to work wonders. But if your car is absolutely wrecked from puppy paws, you may need to stop at a local detailer for a professional cleaning.

Use seat covers

Without a seat cover, your cloth interior is like Velcro for dog and cat hair. If you have leather seats, they are more susceptible to scratches from your pet’s nails. Prevent damage and dirt by using seat covers whenever your furry friend comes along with you for a ride. And while you’ve probably seen a handful of unattractive seat covers, there are plenty of stylish options that can help protect your upholstery from dirt, hair, and water.

grumpy dog in back seat of car
“…you said we were going to the park, but that sure looks like the vet to me.”

Consider heavy-duty floor mats

Typically made of durable, non-slip rubber, these floor mats are made to catch spills and accidents of any kind and will help protect your car’s carpet. These are a great way to ensure your car stays clean — especially if your pet has a tendency to get sick when they’re with you on a road trip.

Coat your seats with water- and stain-resistant fabric guard

Stain-resistant fabric is always a good idea — even if you don’t have a pet. Whether you want to protect against slobber, snot, or other unmentionables, making sure your car’s fabric is stain-resistant is incredibly helpful. You can even find multiple options that help prevent the snow and slush of winter from ruining the upholstery, too.

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With these tips on how to pet-proof your car, you’re on your way to keeping it like new for longer. If you plan on taking your pet with you on a road trip soon, don’t forget to check out these tips for road trips with your pets, too!