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Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond Hint that They’re Coming to America

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May announce their new live tour

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, announcing their live tour

Sacked television host Jeremy Clarkson has been touring the world with fellow ex-Top Gear presenters Richard Hammond and James May, as well as a whole bunch of cars. Sadly, none of the eight concert dates on their worldwide tour happen to be in the United States.

But during a recent show in Belfast, Hammond hinted that the gang may be coming to America, after all—perhaps for a live show, or better yet, for a television series that will air in the US.

The pertinent conversation occurs at about the five minute mark in this video, when Clarkson and Hammond are discussing the Corvette Z06 (although if you’d like to see James May drag race a Nissan GT-R against heptathlete Louise Hazel, then by all means, watch those first five minutes):

“So far, we have had a drag race, and a racing driver called The Ben Collins has done some laps in the car,” Hammond says to Clarkson.

“Yes, but, so far, you still haven’t told us anything about the Corvette Zed-oh-six,” Clarkson responds.

What follows is a debate over whether to pronounce the Z in Z06 as “Zee” or “Zed.” Clarkson insists it’s Zed, saying, “No, Hammond, you are not in America.”

“Not yet,” Hammond quips.

“He said that, didn’t he?” Clarkson responds, as if the moment was not clearly scripted.

“Yeah, that came out,” replies Hammond.

The conversation could be related to the photo Clarkson tweeted last month, which showed him apparently filming a segment (for television, one would assume) about the Corvette Z06.

So perhaps they’ve already begun filming a new show that will air on American screens. Perhaps it’s going to be that rumored “House of Cars” series for Netflix.

Or perhaps they just enjoy torturing us with relentless teases and hints about a television series that may or may not exist…