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Man Crashes Car, Runs Naked Through Toys-R-Us

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As you do.

We’re always hearing about weird people doing weird things, but today’s story is one of the strangest (and most entertaining) we’ve heard in a while. This story comes to us from Dundee City in the UK, where a man recently crashed his car into a retail center before going on a naked rampage through a Toys-R-Us store while wielding a cricket bat.

Shoppers were moseying around the Toys-R-Us in question on Sunday at around 2:30pm, when a man described by police as being in “a state of undress” started chasing patrons through the store while waving a cricket bat in the air. The suspect allegedly kicked in the door to the ladies’ room and then began chasing a mother and her daughter through the store.

When customers saw that the man was threatening a child, they quickly acted to detain him. One woman was injured in the attack, requiring medical attention. Police have charged the man with assault, public indecency, and road traffic offenses.

With Sunday being Easter and all, Toys-R-Us was understandably busy. The store remained open until 6pm that night despite the earlier incident.

News Source: KRMG via The Courier