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Mazda Having Trouble Meeting Demand, May Bring CX-9 to Europe

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2016 Mazda CX-9 at 2016 Chicago Auto Show

American car buyers are intimately aware of the fact that SUVs are everywhere and selling like crazy. With gas prices kept low by a flood of Iranian oil into the market, America has gone crazy for bigger and bigger cars, prompting automakers to come out with crossover after crossover, even pressuring luxury carmaker Maserati, which has never, ever made an SUV before, to cash in on the bonanza with the brand’s new Levante.

Mazda, of course, has been hot on this trend, releasing several revamped SUV models in a row, the latest of which, the three-row mid-size CX-9 crossover, was designed especially to appeal to the American market.

However, it is not just America that likes SUVs. Mazda currently sells the CX-3 and CX-5 in Europe, and will soon be adding a third, sportier SUV called the CX-4. However, Mazda can’t seem to produce enough to keep up. Mazda’s European chief Jeff Guyton told AutoExpress, “The world would like more CX models than we are able to produce. When CX-9 really starts to sell in the US, it will be constrained as well – sure we’d like to have more, but we’ll take small actions to increase capacity.”

However, despite orders stacking up and delivery dates stretching into next year for the existing SUV lineup, Guyton said that bringing the brand’s CX-9 to Europe was “a possibility,” although it would probably appear across the pond featuring a diesel motor, rather than the turbocharged 2.5-liter that it features here in the US.

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