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[VIDEO] 2015 U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships Features Sandy Colorado

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This weekend marks the 2015 U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships in San Diego, and Chevrolet is joining in the fun with a 2015 Colorado pickup sculpted almost entirely of sand. And I’m not talking a scaled down Colorado, but a full-blown pickup truck, complete with a grille, tires, and even badging.

2015 U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships Features Sandy Colorado

2015 U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships features sandy Colorado ©GM

“It’s a great fit for the Colorado to be partnered with the U.S. Sand Sculpting Championships,” commented Tony Johnson, the marketing manager for the Colorado. “With Southern California being the largest mid-size truck market in the country, the Colorado is right at home here in San Diego.”

I have no idea how these artists are able to do something like this, but watching the process is mesmerizing. Check out the video below as they sculpt the new pickup from nothing but some wet sand. (Although, I have to wonder, do they have to keep spraying down their masterpiece to make sure it doesn’t crumble to bits?)

And here I was thinking that if I dumped a bucket of sand upside down and stuck a twig into it, I had made the world’s most awesome castle.

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