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[VIDEO] Big Chief from ‘Street Outlaws’ Tests His New Car at the Drag Strip

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'Street Outlaws' cast member Big Chief has recovered from his crash last November and recently tested his new racecar at the drag strip

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer reportedly posted a time of 4.36 at 175 mph in his new Pro Mod

Last year Street Outlaws cast member Justin “Big Chief” Shearer frightened many of his fans when pictures and a video surfaced on the internet, which revealed he had been involved in a scary car crash that destroyed his 1972 Pontiac Le Mans racecar.

Shearer was hospitalized due to the incident and it was initially believed he would need back surgery, but further tests by his doctor made it clear that wouldn’t be necessary. The Discovery Channel personality recovered very quickly and he even unveiled a new racecar at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show just months after the car accident.

Instead of building another high-performance street car, Shearer surprised a lot of people by revealing that his new car would be a Pontiac Firebird Pro Mod, which he nicknamed the “Crowmod.” Other than naming the new Pontiac after his departed street car, Shearer also managed to salvage the engine and transmission from his old car and used both pieces in the Pro Mod.

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If you are not familiar with Pro Mod cars, Team Jegs’ site describes them as cars based slightly on production automobiles, but they are full-bodied, left-hand driver vehicles that come with supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous boosted engines. The highly modified motors allow Pro Mods to travel at speeds of up to 258 mph.

When Shearer revealed his Pontiac Crowmod at the PRI Trade Show it still wasn’t fully built, but that didn’t stop him from challenging everybody in attendance to a race if they didn’t like his car. A few months later, Shearer managed to get the car to a point where it could make a few passes at the North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas, which can be viewed in the YouTube videos below.

“Me and the old girl are getting to know each other a little better. We’re becoming acquainted,” Shearer said in the video posted by Midwest Streetcars. “The car went super straight. I’m very excited about us and how we set up the car front and back.”

Racing site Dragzine reported Shearer’s best time at the track in Denton was 4.36 at 175 mph, but engine problems cut his day short.

That might have ranked as a bad afternoon for Shearer in the past, but after surviving that terrifying accident, he’s probably just happy his car wasn’t  upside down.

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Video: Shearer Tests his New Car at North Star Dragway

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