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10 Best LEGO Sets for Car Lovers Young & Old

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Next to driving a car, the best way to appreciate one is to build it. As a kid, you don’t have the opportunity to do the former, but LEGO building bricks allowed you to construct whatever vehicle you could imagine.

Over the years, many LEGO sets have been released that appeal to both children and adults. For those of us gearheads, this means a legacy of unique, creative vehicles brought to life by LEGO bricks, mini-figure drivers, and our imaginations.

10 Best LEGO Sets Involving Cars

LEGO Supercar Set 8070 Technic Supercar (#8070) For automotive engineering enthusiasts who crave elaborate details rather than simplicity, the LEGO Technic line has released many highly-intricate sets, such as this supercar. It features a LEGO® Power Functions motor that opens the scissor doors and pops the hood to reveal a V8 engine. If you expect your LEGO car to have realistic pistons and suspension, get this 18-inch model.
LEGO Cars 2 Flo's Cafe set 8487 Flo’s V8 Café (#8487) LEGO and Disney/Pixar teamed up to release a whole lot of Cars 2 sets that combined the marketability of the animated movie series with the fun of building cars. The best Cars 2, without contest, is this Radiator Springs set incorporating many of the film’s biggest stars–Lightning McQueen, Mater, Flo, Fillmore, Sarge, and Sally.
LEGO Formula 1 Race Car Set 2535 Formula 1 Racing Car (#2535) Part of the Shell gas station promo series that sold for a couple bucks each years ago, this simple set perfectly captures the minimalist appeal of LEGO in its heyday (yellow box and all). You can get the expanded Pit Stop set (#2554) but four wheels and a mini-fig is all you really need to make a classic LEGO race car.
LEGO Adventurer Desert Expedition Set 5948 Desert Expedition (#5948) Back before LEGO had licensing rights to Indiana Jones, it released the Adventurer series of sets featuring lookalike Johnny Thunder. His global adventures took him from Dino Island to the depths of the jungle, but the Egypt sub-theme was the best for its antique-looking cars–such as this one driven by Sam Sinister.
LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Set 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (#21108) Nothing makes a geek more excited than seeing classic movies adapted into LEGO sets, like this Ecto-1 car from Ghostbusters. Including mini-figs of Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston, this vehicle is loaded with official logos and paranormal detection equipment. This set was nominated by LEGO Ideas members, and its instruction booklet includes behind-the-scenes details on the actual Ecto-1 movie car.
LEGO Movie Bad Cop Car Chase Set 70819 Bad Cop Car Chase (#70819) Many police cars have been released in LEGO sets over the years, but the most appealing set as a whole is probably this unit from The LEGO Movie collection including minifigures Bad Cop and Wyldstyle. The Super Secret Police Car looks sleek and intimidating, and includes a whole slew of police accessories–a motorbike, megaphone, searchlight, and gun.
LEGO City Truck set 3221 LEGO City Truck (#3221) For those that believe bigger is better, this 15-inch semi-truck made of LEGOs opens up to store boxes that need transportation. Its style fit perfectly into the world of LEGO City and offered insight for kids into the hauling/delivery industry (with a bed in the truck’s cabin for the driver mini-fig).
LEGO Rolls Royce Set 395 1909 Rolls-Royce (#395) Are you old enough to remember LEGO building blocks before they became the phenomenon they are today? Even in their early history, the correlation between automobiles and LEGOs was apparent, inspiring this vintage set from the late 1960s. This small set still captures the premium luxury of the Rolls-Royce brand, taking toys cars to the next level.
LEGO MINI Cooper set 10242 MINI Cooper (#10242) Pretty much the perfect real-life car to pay homage to with the whimsy of LEGO bricks, this grown-up toy set is a replica of the one and only MINI Cooper Mk VII. Its designers didn’t hold back when making this set authentic. Not only does it capture the spirit of the MINI brand with its green-and-white colors and accompanying picnic basket, but it’s packed with detailed door, trunk, engine, dashboard, and handbrake components.
LEGO Racers video game LEGO Racers While it’s not technically a LEGO building set, this console/PC video game from 1999 holds a special place in the memory of LEGO car fans, as it combined the customization of LEGOs with the excitement of virtual racing. By obtaining power-up bricks and winning competitions, you could customize your LEGO race car to be the best in the universe.