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2016 Chevy Silverado Rescue Squad Returning to Woodward Dream Cruise

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2016 Chevy Silverado Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad pickup at Woodward Dream Cruise

The annual Woodward Dream Cruise will return to Detroit this Saturday, August 20th, and today Chevy announced that the Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad would once again be present to provide assistance to the classic cars on parade.

There will be six 2016 Chevy Silverado Rescue Squad pickup trucks patrolling Woodward in both directions, looking to help vehicles that may stall, overheat, or run out of fuel. The rescue vehicles will be staffed by volunteer ASE-certified technicians provided by local dealers Buff Whelan, Gordon, Les Stanford, Marty Feldman (the dealership, not the dude with the weird eyes), John Bowman, and Suburban Chevrolet.

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After four years of participation in the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Chevy Certified Service Rescue Squad has serviced nearly 200 vehicles of all makes and models.

“The volunteers who manage our Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad are above all else, fans of the Woodward Dream Cruise and the cars they service during the event,” said Chevrolet Certified Service marketing exec Scott Williams.

Over 40,000 classic cars are anticipated to be part of the Woodward Dream Cruise, meaning lots of potential for breakdowns. Today, the Chevrolet Service Rescue Squad put out a statement with the following advice for cruisers:

Battery – make sure the battery is charged, the terminals are clean and check for wear or aging of the alternator belt and distributor cap


Fluids – check fluid levels to make sure the vehicle is ready to operate for several hours, and bring extra to top off when necessary; proper cooling system operation is essential in hot weather and stop-and-go traffic


Gas – fill up the gas tank all the way before heading to Woodward; a sticky or faulty gas gauge can leave you stranded


Tires – check the pressure and condition of all tires, especially if the vehicle is only driven a few times per year


Wiper Blades – make sure the windshield wipers are in good operating condition

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“Classic car lovers take great care of their vehicles, but unforeseen issues can crop up, especially given the long hours of the Dream Cruise,” Williams added. “The professional technicians from the Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad look forward to keeping this year’s classics on the road, cruising.”