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Ford Dubs 2020 Explorer Greatest Exploration Vehicle of All Time

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2020 Ford Explorer commercial - Greatest Exploration Vehicle of All Time
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford has launched a new ad campaign promoting the 2020 Ford Explorer as the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. To help drive this point home, the commercials juxtapose exploration of the vast reaches of space, the deepest depths of the ocean, and the most treacherous climates on the planet with the capabilities of the Explorer.  

“For decades, Explorer has defined what an SUV is,” said Matt VanDyke, Ford director of U.S. marketing. “Everything about the new Explorer was built with family adventure in mind — whether that’s visiting a national park or loading up for a romp at the local dog park.”

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Leading the campaign for the 2020 Ford Explorer is “Journey Home,” an impressively cinematic spot in which an astronaut crash-lands back on Earth, hops into a 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum, and immediately gets back to the big stuff like picking up the kids from school and grabbing a rotisserie chicken because, as narrator Bryan Cranston informs us, he doesn’t feel like cooking. How could you blame the guy for not wanting to cook, Bryan Cranston? Did you miss the part where he crash-landed on Earth?

“Journey Home” | 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

Another spot, “Nighttime Adventures,” shows off what the 2020 Ford Explorer ST can do. A deep-sea explorer switches from a submersible to her Explorer ST, using the Terrain Management System and Intelligent 4WD to navigate from sand dunes to country roads to the urban jungle. Once back in the city, she and her passengers make the most important stop of all: fro-yo.

“Nighttime Adventures” | 2020 Ford Explorer ST

“Civilization” sees an arctic adventurer and her team of five dogs pile into an Explorer Limited Hybrid for a day of pampering at the pet spa. That’s pretty much it. You’ve got dogs. Lots of dogs. Lots of cute dogs. What more do you need?

“Civilization” | 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid

Is the 2020 Ford Explorer truly the greatest exploration vehicle of all time? Until they build a real Nostromo and we use it to reach LV-426, maybe.

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