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3 Best Chevy Models for College Freshmen

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2020 Chevrolet Sonic
2020 Chevrolet Sonic
Photo: Chevrolet

Headed to college this fall? Here are our three top Chevy models to help kick off freshman year on the right foot (or wheel, rather).

New Chapter, New Car: Find the right Chevy for your new phase of life


2020 Chevrolet Spark
Photo: Chevrolet

If you’re starting college this fall, it’s likely that funds are tight as you invest in your undergrad education. The affordability of the Spark is one of its primary draws. In fact, Kelley Blue Book rated it as one of the cheapest cars of 2020. At the time of writing, the 2021 Spark’s starting MSRP is $13,400.

Two other strengths of this model are its compact size (which makes it perfect for navigating narrow streets and parking spaces if your school is located in the city) and excellent mileage (it gets 38 mpg on the highway, to be exact).

It also comes in a variety of 10 different colors, so you can pick the right shade to match your personality, or the most vibrant shade to help make a confident first impression when you arrive on campus.


Chevy Sonic
Chevy Sonic

The Sonic offers a bit more space than the Spark, especially when you go with the hatchback style. It delivers 47.7 cubic feet of maximum cargo space when you collapse the rear seats. Yet it still offers a compact profile that’s suited for cramped campus parking or nights out on the town with friends.

With a starting MSRP of $16,720, the 2020 Sonic has an affordably low price tag. That means lower monthly payments if you’re leasing or buying one. It will also save you money on gas, due to its 34 mpg highway efficiency rating. That’s a bit more cash in your wallet to spend on textbooks or any other office supplies you might need during the school year to ace your classes.


2019 Chevrolet Trax
Photo: Chevrolet

If you have a more generous budget when it comes to buying or leasing your new ride, consider the Trax. Compact and contemporary, this small SUV has room for five passengers and 48.4 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. That way, you and friends will have sufficient space for shopping trips and the occasional weekend getaways.

It’s available with all-wheel drive, which will give you more confidence behind the wheel when it’s raining or snowing. This drivetrain is a smart option if your campus is located in a more rural setting and you need stable footing on rougher back roads.

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