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5 Reasons to Remove an Unused Car on Your Property

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Do you have a vintage car parked on your garage? Hopefully, it is still in a pristine state.

For a number of reasons, chucking out an old vehicle can be difficult even if its paint has flaked and the engines gave up years ago. If it is beyond repair and won’t get anywhere, this article is the sign to let go of it.

Owners can come up with plenty of reasons and excuses to keep their vehicles:

DIY Restoration – Vintage cars will always be popular, so whoever has one parked in his garage would dream of restoring it to a drivable condition. Owners make resolutions to make repairs in the future, but that future seems to be becoming more distant.

Inheritance – Parents think vintage cars will make a good hand-me-down to their children. It’s a good idea, but they forget that cars are also affected by the passage of time.

Investment- Car owners think they can cash in on their cars when they become certified vintage, but don’t consider spending more time and money to preserve the vehicle.

Sentimental Value– It is hard to get rid of something that you have made good memories with. When you get emotionally attached to something, you might be on your way to become a hoarder.

If you think these reasons can justify the presence of a rusting old car in your property, no they don’t. Letting go is such a hard process, but leaving your car to go to ruin is a raw deal.

We gave you the most probable reasons why you still have an old junk car. So we’ll also give you a few reasons why it’s not a good idea to still be keeping one.

1. Eyesore

A degenerating car being eaten away by rust and accumulating dust is unsightly. It’s such a tragic ending. If you have no plans of restoring it or transforming it to something usable, you’d better sell it. You’ll be freeing a lot of space in your property and even get some money.

2. Health Hazard

It goes without saying that rust is a foreshadowing to accidents waiting to happen. You should not wait until someone gets an injury that needs to be treated at the hospital. The paint that is flaking off is toxic. And if it is an old engine, it probably has oil and sludge, which are flammable.

3. Property Killer.

Your property value is affected by the presence of an abandoned vehicle. You can be reported by your neighbors for having an obsolescence. And if you are aware of a case like this, you can search for the VIN and report it.

4. A Violation of the Law of Torts.

Otherwise called as the attractive nuisance doctrine, this law takes in effect in the USA. It does not matter whether they trespass to your property; if somebody gets hurt or injured you will be held liable. The rule applies to all things that poses a threat like junk cars, swimming pools, and trampolines.

5. Problem-magnet

An old abandon car can be the perfect new home for pests. You might notice insects if you look close enough. You might find mice, rats, feral cats, and raccoons one day. And it would be the worst to attract vagrants, thieves, or vandals.

Here’s THE solution: Sell it.

We also love vintage cars, as long as they are drivable. If you don’t have other plans for your old car, I suggest you make money from it. There are many car scrap yards who offer free car removal who even offer you cash and tow your neglected vehicle within 1 or 2 hours. If you search car removal on Google, you will see plenty of people happy to buy your good money for your unused car.

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