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6 Reasons to Wash Your Car Regularly

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Most car owners give priority to certain activities, like regular oil changes and replacing worn-out tires. Washing your car, however, is a task that often falls on the back burner. In fact, some people actually see no reason to wash their cars and might see it as a waste of money and time. This is not true, as your car needs a regular wash just like your body does. Below are some reasons, as told by a service offering car valet in Auckland, on why you need to wash your car on a regular basis.

1. Extends life span

A regularly washed car will maintain its beauty for a very long time. Also, cars that are washed on a regular basis will always smell nice and look shiny. Just like your body needs water to look good, your car is not too different in this situation. Research shows that regularly cleaned cars have the tendency to last longer in terms of beauty and protection of the inner parts of the car.

2. Prevents exterior damage

Streak-free windows - Car Care Tips

While you might be trying to reason how dirt damages your car, it is important you know this: if left unattended to on the body of your car, dirt can lead to scratches. If left to accumulate on your car body, dirt can lead to rusting and outright damage to the protective coating of your car.

3. Enhances safe driving

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You wouldn’t want to drive a car whose windows are covered with dirt and debris, would you? Why is that? The reason is simple; you will find it difficult to have a good view of the road you are driving on. It is necessary that you keep your windows clean to ensure you drive safely.

4. Improves fuel efficiency

How to Hand Wash Your Car

As funny as it sounds, this has been proven to be true by experts. It has been observed that clean cars are 10% more fuel efficient than dirty cars. What does this really mean? The answer is simple: a dirty car creates drag which causes it to burn more fuel. So, if you want to conserve fuel for your daily movements, it is advised you get your car cleaned on a regular basis.

5. Improves your health

Germs cause diseases and the fastest means of germs’ movement is through dirt. While you might make it a priority to clean your bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and house surroundings to prevent germs infestation, you forget that you come in contact with your car on a daily basis. Leaving your car dirty could result in serious health challenges both for you and your family. Try your best to keep your car clean on a regular basis to ensure you and your family stay healthy.

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6. Elevates your pride

How do you feel driving or even sitting in a dirty car? It is actually very demoralizing and we wouldn’t advise anyone to try it. When you sit or drive in a clean car, the feeling you get alone is bound to keep you happy and morally elevated all day long.

Get your car cleaned up today and live a healthy, happy, and good life.

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