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Americarna May Have Given Us a Glimpse of Zora

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Corvette Zora render

Zora, is that you?

Got two minutes to spare and love learning about the design process that goes into making new cars look so marvelous? Then you’re absolutely going to want to take a couple of moments to sit down with this video from Americarna.

Need a bit more convincing? How about this: if you look close enough, you might just see what could very well be an early look at the Corvette Zora.

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This segment from the Velocity program stars General Motors’ Global Vice President of Design Ed Welburn, who provides a tour of the company’s design studio. There, several designers and engineers are hard at work modeling new vehicles out of clay and rendering them digitally.

In the case of the latter, we meet Lead Designer Christine Park, who is busy rendering what she calls a “Chevy Sports Car.”


A Camaro-esque sports car, no less

We couldn’t help but think that the silver beast bore more than a few hallmarks of the Chevy Camaro, and apparently we weren’t alone in our thinking. Appears that the producers of Americarna felt very much the same.

Called It

But perhaps the most interesting bit here is the decidedly different yellow render, which one could speculate to be an early rendering of the long-rumored mid-engine Corvette Zora. It certainly has touches of Corvette about it, and it could very well represent Corvette’s return salvo against the Ford GT.

Corvette Zora maybe

Shots fired

Of course, it’s all idle speculation for now, but we will keep our eyes peeled.

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