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Audi Debuts Grandsphere Concept: The 2nd of 3 Futuristic Models

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Side view of the Audi grandsphere concept parked next to a building at sunset
Audi grandsphere concept
Photo: Audi

Last month, we reported on the introduction of the Audi skysphere concept, the first of three futuristic models that are meant to represent the brand’s “vision of progressive luxury.” The second model in the group, with similar styling but slightly larger than skysphere, has been introduced: grandsphere.

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Coined the “private jet for the road” at the International Motor Show in Germany, the Audi grandsphere takes elegance to a whole new level. The exterior is ultra-smooth and aerodynamic, with no door handles or other protrusions to be seen. A glass panel roof seamlessly blends into the expansive windshield and gives the concept its spherical feel with continued lines from front to back.

You’ll notice there’s no B-pillar on the model, and that’s because the front and rear doors both open at the same point, offering a wide opening to enter the spacious interior. Much like the skysphere, the grandsphere has a steering wheel that can be swiveled out of sight to open up the cabin even more when the concept is in its autonomous driving mode. An additional unique design element of the model is the lack of black screens when you enter. Instead, you are greeted by premium materials, like woodgrain, that double as the screens for vehicle information and navigation.

  • Front view of the Audi grandsphere concept at a charging station
  • Side view of the Audi grandsphere concept with its doors open, parked at sunset
  • Close up of the rear of the Audi grandsphere concept, showcasing its rear brake lights and spoiler
  • Interior front view of the Audi grandsphere concept
  • Interior back seat view of the Audi grandsphere concept

Of course, as Audi is moving toward more electrification, the grandsphere concept comes with a drive system that is similar to the e-tron GT. Thanks to 800-volt charging technology, you can get more than 186 miles of range with just a 10-minute charge and go from 5 to 80% charged in less than 25 minutes. In total, the concept offers a 466-mile range with its 120 kWh battery.

While a production model of this concept is nowhere near close to being available, it is a sign of what is likely to come for Audi. The final concept in the trio — urbansphere — is expected to arrive in 2022.