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Automotive Safety Tech Could Be Standardized

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The National Safety Council, J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and the American Automobile Association are wanting certain automotive safety technologies to have standardized names so that drivers are better informed about their functions.

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What the new proposal entails

The auto industry firms urge automakers to abide by this proposal, which could help drivers be less confused about the safety systems in different vehicles. According to AAA, there are 20 different names describing adaptive cruise control and 40 names being used for automatic emergency braking.

The auto industry firms divided the Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies into five different categories with recommendations for the standardized names. The safety systems in the categories each have possible benefits and set functions listed.

For example, a piece of technology would be considered a forward collision warning system if it is able to detect and alert drivers about imminent collisions when driving forward. Systems with the addition of object or pedestrian detection would still adopt the forward collision warning name.

Driving Control Assistance features account for active driving assistance, lane keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. Collision Warnings include rear cross traffic warning, parking obstruction warning, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and blind spot warning.

In addition, the Collision Intervention technologies cover rear automatic braking, automatic emergency steering, and automatic emergency braking. Parking Assistance features are remote parking and active parking assistance.

The rest of the technologies fall under the Other Driver Assistance Systems’ category. These include the surround-view camera, backup camera, night vision, head-up display, driver monitoring, and automatic high beams.

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The proposed list of standardized names would update and add new technologies as needed going forward. It will be interesting to see which, if any, automakers begin using the suggested names.

News Source: Autoblog