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Batman’s Jeep Renegade Spotted on Set of Film

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This week, the folks at Car Scoops unearthed a video uploaded to the internet of Batman’s Jeep Renegade on the set of the upcoming film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We know what you’re thinking: Batman drives a Jeep Renegade? The answer, of course, is, not usually. Don’t worry, he’ll still be tearing up the streets in his famous Batmobile, but in the particular scene being filmed in the video below, Mr. Wayne makes use of a Jeep Renegade as a getaway vehicle.

Batman’s Jeep Renegade Spotted on Set of Film

Batman’s Jeep Renegade Spotted on Set of Film

You can see in the video that it’s clearly not Ben Affleck, but his stunt double, who jumps inside the Renegade, blacked out and outfitted with safety lights. The video made it to YouTube last week, but it is not clear when it was actually shot. According to Car Scoops, photos of the Renegade on the set have surfaced since way back in August, meaning this scene was possibly shot a while back and this is just the first video footage we’re seeing.

Check it out:

The only thing that could make this video more exciting is Styx’s “Renegade” layered in. Ah, we can dream.

News Source: Car Scoops