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How to Break the Ice During a Carpool

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how to break the ice during a carpool

Wondering how to break the ice during a carpool? We have a few ideas.

Carpools are incredibly convenient if you’re going to the same place as someone else nearby, at the same time every day. Carpools are also cost-effective (splitting the cost of gas) and efficient (fewer harmful emissions polluting the environment). But the downside? They can be freaking awkward.

Sure, if you’re carting a bunch of gabby kids—or even teens—to school, conversation should be easy. You can ask them about school, or just let them socialize with each other. Brainteasers and jokes go over well with the youngsters, and oftentimes, just playing the radio works for middle school and high school students. But what about when you’re carpooling with a creepy coworker who works in the department next to you?

Never fear: we have a few tips on how to break the ice during a carpool that may help you out when you get stuck with someone really weird—and when silence feels more tense than awkward conversation.

How to Break the Ice During a Carpool

  • Try talking about your jobs. If you do something different from your coworker or the person you’re riding with, talk about what draws you to the job, what complications you face, and maybe even where you’d like to go with your career.
  • Talk about your first car and your carpool partner’s first car. The segue is easy: you are in a car after all.
  • Ask about the other person’s family, and even talk about your own.
  • If you are the driver and conversation is tough, you can try to force out your passenger’s favorite music, and start playing it during future rides.
  • Depending on the relationship you eventually form with your carpool buddy, you can move on to the more racy conversations, like “Would You Rather?” or “Never Have I Ever.”
  • If all else fails, try to find common ground by asking what sports, TV shows, or books they are into. Hopefully you will connect on something, and you can turn that connection into conversation.

And if that doesn’t work out, maybe start taking the bus. Good luck!