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Cadillac CT6 Made Top Luxury Cars List for Q2 2021

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The 2020 Cadillac CT6 on the street
The 2020 CT6
Photo: General Motors

Kelley Blue Book released its Brand Watch report for luxury vehicles in the second quarter of 2021. The report found that Cadillac models, especially the CT6, were some of the most considered luxury vehicles.

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How popular was Cadillac in quarter two?

A front view of the 2019 Cadillac CT6-V driving down the street
The 2019 CT6-V
Photo: Cadillac

During the second quarter, 13 percent of all luxury vehicle shoppers considered buying a Cadillac. This is down 1 percent from the first quarter, but it still means that Cadillac was the sixth most considered brand overall.

Of all the shoppers, 66 percent were interested in a luxury SUV, while 55 percent were interested in a luxury car. Although non-luxury cars have fallen significantly in popularity during the last few years, a good chunk of buyers still finds luxury cars appealing. Despite this, only three cars made the list of Top 10 Considered Models by Luxury Shoppers.

When looking at the Top 5 Luxury Cars considered, the Cadillac CT6 earned the fifth spot. It was behind two Tesla models and two BMWs. Cadillac discontinued the CT6 in 2020, but it should perhaps contemplate bringing the sedan back in the near future, due to its continued popularity.

The Brand Watch report also ranked 12 vehicle factors by importance and recognized the brands that best incorporated these factors. Durability/reliability and safety were the top two most important factors. Lexus took the first-place position for the former factor, and Volvo earned first place for the latter. Shoppers ranked driving comfort third and found that Cadillac vehicles offered more comfort than any other luxury brand.

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Cadillac wasn’t the only GM brand that performed well in the Brand Watch report. Buyers also were interested in Buick models, showing particular consideration for the Enclave and Encore. Given that Buick is offering these models for the 2022 model year, while Cadillac has discontinued the CT6, it will be interesting to see if all three vehicles remain popular in quarter three.