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Cadillac Talks up Torque with New Engine Naming Scheme

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The 2020 Cadillac XT6 will be the first vehicle to carry the brand’s new torque-based engine naming scheme
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With its combination of letters and numbers (XT4, CT6-V, ATS), Cadillac’s vehicle naming scheme isn’t always easy to follow. Now, the luxury brand is adding another twist with a new numeric and alphanumeric badging system that will reflect each trim’s engine power.

Beginning with its 2020 models (except for V-series vehicles), Cadillac will add a three-digit number to each one based on how much torque its engine generates. Turbo models will have a “T” affixed to the end of that number. 

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This new scheme will replace previous badges like “2.0T” that indicated an engine’s size. Given today’s smaller, more efficient engines and the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles, Cadillac says focusing on torque numbers is a better way to communicate how much power an engine possesses.

There’s a catch: Each vehicle’s torque output will be measured in newton-meters (a standard used around the world) instead of pound-feet (standard for the United States). Using the international measure signals that Cadillac sees its biggest opportunities for future growth in overseas markets like China and Saudi Arabia.

The example Cadillac gave was the new 2020 XT6. This crossover’s 3.6-liter V6 engine puts out 367 newton-meters of torque (or 271 lb-ft). Rounding that number up to the nearest 50, Cadillac will give the XT6 a “400” badge.

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News Source: Car and Driver, GM Authority