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Car News In the Rearview: Elio? How About Eli-no

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Welcome back once again to In the Rearview, where I bring you a digest of some of the top automotive news of the past week, and none of you fools can stop me! Ahahahahahahaha!


First, we are faced with a serious question: “Is Hyundai Done Making Electric Vehicles?” Since this is a question asked in a news article title, the answer, predictably, is no, although finding that out was actually kind of surprising given how much Hyundai has put into hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Then, we checked back in on a car company that has been supposedly in the works since 2009: Elio Motors. Here’s a short rundown: Towering debt, dwindling funds, endless production delays, you get a t-shirt if you put down $1,000.

Third, I am disappointed and annoyed, because apparently a vaguely-worded Ohio law made it so that I could legally have driven through red lights if the light was broken, but now that law is only for bike riders. Lame.

In less lame news, Mitsubishi, under the divine control of Lord and Savior Carlos Ghosn, has actually made a sales turnaround this past month, climbing to over 100,000 sales for the first time in a decade.

And speaking of sales, plug-in sales are climbing, but doing odd things, like a spider with a set of miniature bongos. Tesla’s two models and the Volt continue their sales domination, but they are followed by the Prius Prime and the LEAF, which had been lagging for months.

Then, it seems that Buick is trying to pull a fast one on us, because it has released a new version of its Regal sedan, the TourX, which it claims is a crossover but which is clearly a station wagon. Come on, Buick, you can’t fool us–if it is shaped like a wagon and is built like a wagon, it is most likely a wagon.

Finally, we have a new giveaway, this time for an INDYCAR Unplugged board game. This is on top of the existing New York International Auto Show ticket giveaway that we already have.