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Car News In the Rearview: Repent, for the Fiesta ST Is Dead

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Hello, and welcome to In the Rearview, where due to some fun health stuff, this is coming way late in the week. So, here is last week’s top news.

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Uber Logo

We start out with Uber’s terrible, no-good, very bad week, including the company getting banned from London, begging the city to let it back in, threatening to break up with Quebec, and closing its car leasing service.

Then, California seems to be moving toward the end game on its slow ramp on zero-emissions vehicle quotas, as the state is contemplating banning combustion engines entirely.

Saudi Arabian Flag

Saudi Arabian Flag
Image: yasser zareaa

Moving overseas, last week was a grand one for the women of Saudi Arabia, as the infamously repressive state has finally conceded that women should be allowed to drive.

2016 Jeep Wrangler

In business news, rumors are flying that Fiat Chrysler and Hyundai may soon be joining forces in a merger, a partnership that actually kind of makes sense to me, since FCA has a big problem with its small cars and electric vehicles, while Hyundai has a problem with its low volume of SUVs–really, they kind of mesh, there.

Coming Soon: Here are the updates that the Impala is getting for the new year

2018 Nissan LEAF Exterior

Switching to new car news, the new generation of Nissan LEAF is here, and I have to say that I give it a decided meh out of ten. It’s big update besides its looks is its range, which only hopped up to 150 miles, leaving it in the dust behind a competition that appears to be largely shooting for 200 miles or more.

Toyota Yaris hot hatch

Speaking of new cars, Toyota has officially launched its much-rumored performance sub-brand, but rather than just calling it Gazoo, which conjures images of the Flintstones and green floating aliens, the brand called it GR Sport. So, well marketed, there.

New Ford Fiesta port of Dover

Now, if you are friends of fun car lovers, you may have noticed much weeping and rending of garments, as it seems that the Ford Fiesta ST, industry standard for the Hot Hatch, is dead to us Americans. May Ford have mercy on us poor sinners.

Finally, it seems a real person in the 21st century needs to be reminded that women can, indeed, like and be able to write about cars, because some lawyer named Jim Parsons is conducting a lawsuit against Yahoo, arguing that his two male clients were fired because they are men by saying that there surely is some manipulation to put women in positions they aren’t qualified for, because there is a woman in charge of the car section.