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Car Safety Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Dog in Car

Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday, June 23rd! If your workplace is participating in this pet-friendly occasion, make sure you take the proper precautions to get your best bud to the office. Here are a few things to consider before hitting the road:

Keep Car Windows Up (And Lock ‘Em)

As tempting as it might be to see your dog happy as can be, his tongue flopping in the wind, it may not be the safest choice for your pet. With his head out the window, your dog could get seriously injured. Rocks or other debris could fly up and hit the dog’s face or he could be struck by another vehicle. Keep your window cracked so your dog can smell the outside air, but make sure it’s not open wide enough for him to put his entire head through. While you’re at it, flip the child-lock for the window controls. Your dog might get excited and step on the ledge by the window and hit the automatic window controls. Better safe than sorry.

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Buckle Up

Click it or ticket. That’s what they say about you, so what about your pup? Make sure he’s buckled in too. Pick up a pet seat belt; they are available at many pet stores and they could save your best friend’s life. The attachment simply buckles into the seat belt and you can hook it to your pet’s harness (avoid hooking it to a collar; you could choke or harm the dog’s neck in the event of an accident).

Back Seat Driver

Being close to your best friend is important, but putting him in the front seat puts you both at risk. In the front seat, your dog is subject to being hit with airbags in a collision. Airbags are not designed to protect small animals like dogs. Plus, in the front seat, your dog is a much bigger distraction to you while you are driving. Constantly reaching over to pet him, comfort him, or glancing over to see how he’s doing takes your attention away from the road. Opt for the back seat instead where you can keep an eye on him in the rear view mirror when you need to.

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Don’t You (Forget About Him)

Hopefully this goes without saying, but do not leave your dog alone in the car. Leaving your pet alone in a hot car for any amount of time is dangerous and can become life-threatening within a matter of minutes. Temperatures skyrocket as the sun warms your car like a greenhouse. Instead, hit the drive-thru for your morning Starbucks fix. Many fast food restaurants actually have treats for your furry friend at the drive-thru window (be sure to ask the Starbucks barista for a “Puppuccino.” It’s a small cup of whipped cream for your pup to enjoy while you sip on your morning coffee).

Whether you’re taking your dog to work or just for a drive around the neighborhood, car safety is important for both you and your pup. Make sure you keep him safe too when you’re on the road!