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Chrysler Airflow Concept Heralds Brand’s EV Transition

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Chrysler Airflow Concept front profile
The Chrysler Airflow Concept teases the brand’s all-electric future
Photo: Stellantis

Don’t look now, but Chrysler is loading up to go all-electric by 2028. At this month’s CES 2022 show in Las Vegas, the brand revealed the new Chrysler Airflow Concept and announced plans for its first EV by 2025.

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Chrysler claims 400-mile range for Airflow Concept

The Chrysler Airflow Concept is a sleek, low-slung crossover coupe that would appear to compete directly with the likes of the Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y. It should also be competitive in terms of range and power if the initial figures bear out.

Chrysler says that its concept gets standard all-wheel drive with a pair of 201-horsepower electric motors. Though there was no combined output estimate, that setup should result in good power and quickness.

Per Chrysler, the battery is intended to hit somewhere between 350 and 400 miles of range. The Airflow Concept will also offer Level 3 autonomous driving via STLA AutoDrive, one of three AI-powered tech platforms Stellantis intends to launch in 2024.

Chrysler’s EV concept sports shapely style, luxurious interior

Chrysler Airflow Concept wing emblem closeup
The Chrysler winged logo gets an EV update
Photo: Stellantis

As a design study, CEO Chris Feuell says the Chrysler Airflow Concept “represents the future direction of the Chrysler brand.” It certainly makes a bold enough impression with 22-inch wheels, Celestial Blue accents that pop against the Arctic White body, and an EV-ified take on the Chrysler wing logo.

Aerodynamics is no doubt a major consideration with the look and flow of the concept. It’s low, wide, and long, and Chrysler says that its proportions help to increase EV range.

Chrysler Airflow Concept interior
Looks cozy, doesn’t it?
Photo: Stellantis

Inside, the Chrysler Airflow Concept carries on the brand’s reputation for premium quality. It’s simple, modern, and replete with sustainable materials like vegetable-tanned leather and recycled materials. The panoramic roof lets in ample sunlight and the rear captain’s chairs with seatback-mounted screens turn the cabin into something like a luxury lounge space.

Will Chrysler Airflow Concept head into production?

Chrysler Airflow Concept side profile
Airflow Concept could head into production for 2025
Photo: Stellantis

Chrysler is typically pretty quiet these days, mostly taking a backseat to other Stellantis brands like Jeep and Ram. The Chrysler Airflow Concept shows that its days of launching new products are far from over, teasing that it may take another stab at making a utility vehicle.

Chrysler’s reputation lies largely with minivans and premium sedans. Chrysler’s last attempt at an SUV was the Aspen, a Durango-based midsize that only lasted from 2007-09. If Chrysler moves ahead with a production version of the Airflow, it could signal a shift in the brand’s philosophy.

Should the Airflow go into production for 2025, it’s a safe bet that the 300 and award-winning Pacifica will receive EV variants as Chrysler shifts to a fully electric lineup by 2028. That could make Chrysler the first brand with an electric minivan — its Pacifica Hybrid was the first electrified minivan on the market.