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Cruisin’ the Strip in American Graffiti Cars

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American Graffiti Cars 1

Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa in American Graffiti
Photo: Universal Pictures

As soon as you finish watching American Graffiti, there is a lingering question….who is the blonde in the white T-bird?  Sadly, the question is never answered, and that leaves this viewer a little disappointed. But, at least we can rest easier knowing it is the one-and-only Suzanne Somers.

Now, I could go into a possible metaphorical solution to why she is never explained … the blonde’s identity, or the possibility of her identity changes, as Curt tries to figure out his own identity and what he wants to do.  In the end, Curt accepts that he will not know what he will do; he just needs to live life and figure it out as he goes.  So, the identity of the blond in the white T-bird is never revealed.

BUT if we are all being honest, we do not watch American Graffiti for the hidden symbolism, we want to see the classic cars driving the strip! So, let’s take a look at the iconic American Graffiti cars.

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American Graffiti Cars Remain Timeless Movie Stars

American Graffiti Cars 2

Situations sometimes call for messing up a classic car.
Photo: Universal Pictures

The ‘60s were a time when teenagers hopped in their cars every Saturday night and went cruisin’.  And, if the kids in American Graffiti are to be believed, the cars are “boss!”  Although, some of them are more “boss” (bossier?) than others.

It may not be the first car you see, but the one you will always remember is the ’32 Deuce Coupe.  This hot rod is one that is hard to forget with its chopped top.  And, if that didn’t make it stand out, the low front fender and bright yellow paint make it impossible to miss.

Of the other American Graffiti cars, the black ’55 Chevy is also a classic that is cool to see and hard to forget because of that iconic morning race.

What really makes this car stand out while crusin’ along the street is young Harrison Ford behind the wheel!

While there are many other cars cruisin’ the strip near Mel’s Diner, there is another one that always catches your eye when it comes into the shot.  The ’58 Chevy Impala.  This Chevy has such a sleek clean look that you can never quite figure out how Steve was able to afford it, and why in the world he was willing to leave it to the safe-keeping of Toad!  But, I think anyone would be willing to play nerdy Toad to get to drive that ’58 Impala.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I was finished watching this movie I wished I could head down to Mel’s Diner to watch the classics cruise by, especially if they were all driven by a young Harrison Ford!

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