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Deadpool Comics Tossed Across Ohio Highway

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Study Semi Truck Drivers in Short Supply as Demand Keeps Increasing

It’s no secret that America depends on semi trucks to get a lot of goods where they belong fairly quickly. When they get into accidents, however, the roads can become covered with some truly bewildering things, from bees, to milk, to pigs, to cheese (which no one should ever eat). Last week, comic books joined the list of things to come to an unfortunate end on the asphalt.

On I-71, just south of Ohio’s capital Columbus, two semi trucks were involved in an accident. One of the trailers burst open, spreading hundreds of trade paperback copies of Deadpool, Vol. 9: Institutionalized across the cold pavement. We’re sure the Merc With A Mouth would have some choice words to offer up about so many copies of his comic book going to waste.

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Some news sources are calling the accident a publicity stunt, due to its close proximity to Deadpool’s solo film’s release date. While we acknowledge that Fox is probably still smarting after the spectacular failure of Fantastic Four last year, we doubt they would send a hardworking truck driver to the hospital to promote Deadpool. We cannot say the same thing about the mercenary himself, but he is a fictional character (no matter what Ryan Reynolds says), so we’re doubtful the character is behind the collision.

News Source: MovieWeb