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Disney California Adventure Park Decorates Cars Land for the Holidays

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If you’re visiting Disney California Adventure Park during the holidays, make sure to check out Cars Land’s unique decorations. David Caranci of Walt Disney Imagineering articulates the reasoning behind the auto-inspired garlands, trees, and other Christmas trimmings that guests will find in this 12-acre region of the theme park this year. “When cars decorate, they don’t decorate the way humans would decorate. You have to think like a car.”

It’s all in the details

Each nook and cranny of Radiator Springs reflects the unique personalities of the “Cars” characters and their respective businesses in the town. For example, the wreaths, snowflakes, and garland hanging above route 66 are comprised of crescent wrenches, air filters, and white wall tires.

Caranci shares that Disney’s attention to detail is what helps distinguish it from other entertainment companies. “Our guests know to look for the details. They expect the details and so we try to deliver on it.”

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Character-specific decorating styles

If you explore Cozy Cone Motel, you’ll see an abundance of orange cones and ornaments, since orange cones are Sally the Porsche’s trademark symbol. Ramone’s House of Body Art is as retrospectively stylish as their owner, a 1959 Impala low-rider. A bright purple garland, complemented by pinstripe flames, adorns the shop’s exterior.

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree spinning teacup ride takes on a more festive soundtrack featuring Christmas songs like “The Gifts of the Mater” and “Radiator Rockin’ Holiday.” This character also has a Christmas tree made from retread tires topped with star made out of spark plugs. Old license plates, oil spouts, and oil cans compose the garland in this area.

If you’re a fan of “Cars” and happen to be near Anaheim this holiday season, the Cars Land Christmas display is definitely worth a visit.

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News Source: Los Angeles Times