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Disney Surprises People with a Real-Life “Zootopia” DMV Run by Sloths

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DMV Sloth Zootopia

We all remember the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) scene in Disney‘s Zootopia, poking fun at how slow the process can be at the DMV. In the film, all of the DMV attendants are sloths, moving (and talking) in slow-motion – especially annoying for a rabbit like Judy Hopps.

The scene turned out to be one of the funniest and most memorable from the film. Disney, knowing full-well they could make their own fun, decided to recreate the Zootopia experience in a real-life DMV to celebrate Friday’s International Sloth Day.

The inside and outside of the real-life Zootopia DMV are decorated and designed to replicate the scene from the film. Customers wait patiently in their seats for the office to open—but when the screens at the counter rise, a sloth is behind the counter ready to assist them.

Customers were a bit confused, some of them frustrated, but the kids seemed to be in on the joke. Many questioned whether or not the sloth was even real.

Behind the counter at this real-life Zootopia DMV, the sloths are there to operate the computers, make phone calls, and assist customers in any way possible. Of course, in the film, the sloths perform these tasks at incredibly slow speeds. In real life, things seem to be sped up a bit (probably because they’re being helped by their off-camera human counterparts—but that’s just our theory).

The real-life DMV can often be a dull and draining experience, so it was fun and humorous to see Disney spice things up a little bit for these customers.

Watch the full “Zootopia In Real Life” video here:

Source: Facebook (Disney)