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Driving Habits Guaranteed to Get You on a Police Officer’s Radar

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Everyone makes mistakes, and even though all mistakes are not created equally, if you engage in any of the following bad driving habits, your chances of speaking with a police officer are really high. According to a survey involving two independent traffic experts and participants from three police agencies, conducted by, the following driving behaviors are guaranteed to grab the attention of law enforcement.

The number one infraction is everyone’s go-to when they’re running late — speeding — and all of the experts interviewed by Edmunds clocked it as a significant reason drivers get pulled over.

If you’re addicted to your cell phone or think, “It’s okay to make a call or check this text,” while you’re maneuvering a dangerous four-wheeled machine, then be prepared to take time out of your day to explain yourself to a police officer.

If you drive like a maniac and disobey traffic laws, you’re going to get pulled over. “Hazardous driving. This is a catch-all category for common violations that each of our experts noted. Wiles [Sgt. Jeff Wiles of the Santa Monica Police Department] ticked off his favorites without hesitation: stop sign and stoplight violations, improper lane changes, illegal U-turns, failures to yield, and unsafe speeds,” reports Edmunds. “CHP [California Highway Patrol] officer [Edward] McElroy says he sees people who have forgotten they’re driving cars. They’re busy shaving, eating and even changing clothes.”

Two examples of hazardous driving – improper lane changes and following too closely – were specifically noted by the experts as reasons why law enforcement will stop drivers.

According to Edmunds, burned-out headlights, expired tags, heavily tinted windows, loud exhaust modifications, and a missing license plate in the front (if your state requires one) are examples of equipment violations that will cause you to get pulled over.

News Source: Edmunds