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Emojis Are More Recognizable to Younger Drivers Than Tire Warning Light

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Tire pressure warning light

The safety of your drive rests on the condition of your tires. Worn-out, damage, under-inflated, over-inflated, tread-less, or otherwise compromised tires can cause all sorts of trouble, from the minor inconvenience of a flat to a major situation involving an accident. Most drivers know that tires are important. But according to a study commissioned by Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires and conducted by Zeno Research & Insights, there’s a large percentage of drivers who don’t recognize the importance of tire maintenance nor a major indicator of a tire problem — the tire pressure warning light.

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“Forty-nine percent of younger drivers and 39 percent of overall drivers were unable to recognize the TPMS warning symbol in the survey of more than 1,000 U.S. drivers,” reveals the study. In fact, the study reports that millennial/Gen Z drivers involved in the study were better at emoji-identification. “Eighty-eight percent of younger drivers surveyed correctly identified the eye-roll emoji, while 51 percent recognized the TPMS symbol.”

Preventative tire maintenance is being neglected by a large percentage of drivers, as well.

“Amongst drivers who live in areas with usually cold winters, less than half (42 percent) get their tires checked in advance of the winter season. And almost two in five winter drivers (37 percent) do not take any action at all to prepare their cars for winter unless they have an issue,” according to the study.

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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning light should not be ignored. It’s alerting you that there’s something wrong with your car’s tires — perhaps there’s a leak or a puncture or your car’s tires need extra attention due to cold temperatures. Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to your driving safety that any issues with your tires be addressed and fixed immediately.

News Source: Goodyear