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European Hyundai Tucson Short Film Is Bizarre, Nonsensical, Awesome

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If you lift someone else's Tucson, be prepared for scary clowns and golden guns

Hyundai Tucson commercial Europe The Switch Short Film SUV road trip golden gun

In the crowd of crossover SUVs, the Hyundai Tuscon may not stand out as the most unique piece, so it’s faced with the challenge of bringing in newcomers. How does a vehicle that looks safe and comfortable convince customers that it’s an adventure waiting to happen?

One way—depicted in a 2.5-minute short film presented by Hyundai Europe—is to simply switch a person’s keys from their current car with a Tucson. While this approach may elicit confusion and giggles when done on hidden camera by other automakers, Hyundai cautions that it might result in a whirlwind of terrifying experiences.

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Watch “The Switch” Short Film: An Unorthodox Advertisement

“The Switch” begins in a way you’d not at all expect: a creepy clown in coveralls entering a big rig (just a bit reminiscent of the clown from Twisted Metal). After that mysterious introduction, the protagonist is established: a well-dressed man leaving work and looking for his car in a parking garage. When he hits his key fob, however, it’s not his car that beeps, but a Hyundai Tucson. Intrigued and apparently having no problem with taking someone else’s vehicle (particularly one with an ominous clown head hanging from the rearview mirror), he drives off.

Hyundai Tucson commercial Europe The Switch Short Film SUV road trip scary clownFollowing the pre-programmed route in the SUV’s navigation system, the man leaves the city and enters the rural outskirts, not hesitating to pick up a suspiciously attractive hitchhiker. At a gas station, she steals his laptop. His bad luck continues as he’s pulled over by highway patrol and finds a golden gun (yes, like the James Bond type) in the glove box, resulting in a high-speed chase. Evading the cops, he’s then chased by the maniac clown from earlier.

For anyone else, this would’ve been more than enough panic to ditch the car you stole and stop following the map. But, without breaking a sweat, the man arrives at his destination and finds a dapper suit in the trunk, which he then dons. Entering the building…surprise!

Now do you want to buy a Hyundai Tucson?

While the ending of the “The Switch” attempts to tie everything together in a twist reminiscent of Fincher’s The Game, it brings up more questions in the process. Did he recognize the cop and hitchhiker the whole time? Was he just playing along? Why did the woman steal his laptop? Did she ever return it? What was the meaning of that giant floating cake in the sky? Was it a clue? Whose Tucson was that? Did he even check the paperwork?

While you may be left with a lot of questions, one question you won’t be asking is, “Is the Hyundai Tucson exciting to drive?” If this was any indication, it certainly is.

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Hyundai Tucson commercial Europe The Switch Short Film SUV road trip