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Evenflo Car Seat Uses Sensor to Help Prevent Hot Car Deaths

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Evenflo Car Seat with Sensor

Evenflo’s newest car seat uses sensors to remind parents that their children are in the back seat
Photo: Walmart

It is all too common for a child to be left unattended in a car, whether the parent knows the child is there or not. The number of child deaths due to this situation has risen to an average of 38 children a year, which is an astronomical number for such a preventable cause.

Recently, we discussed a brand-new program out of Twinsburg, Ohio that helps prevent hot car deaths for dogs. Now, it looks like it is time for the car industry to focus on reducing the amount of hot car deaths for children. Child seat manufacturer Evenflo has come up with a great new line of products that will help tackle hot car deaths among children.

This new ground-breaking technology uses a sensor that detects when a baby is in the seat. This sensor, combined with a receiver placed in a diagnostic port used to monitor the car’s system, allows the car seat to notify the parent whenever the car is off and the child is still strapped into the seat.

Evenflo’s new car seat with this terrific technology will be sold exclusively at Walmart for $149.

With summer already upon us and cars heating up across the country, this is a great way to ensure you never forget your child in your vehicle.