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Everyone Needs Liam Nissan

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No, there is not a typo in this article’s headline; I really mean to say Liam Nissan instead of Liam Neeson. I am sure that many people, especially those who work in the auto industry, have noted the similarities between the movie star’s last name and the Japanese car brand. However, I recently discovered that Nissan or one of its fans seems to have tried to capitalize in on the joke by creating

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More than likely this site has existed for quite some time, but when looking through online news from the past few years, it seems as if it has not caught the attention of the major car news outlets. Which is a crying shame, considering how funny it is.


When you first arrive on, you’re greeted by a large picture of Liam Neeson, touting his skill and taste as a driver, and then proclaiming that he is Liam NISSAN.

Visitors who click to continue down the page will be greeted by gifs and images of Mr. Neeson’s most famous works, but modified for Nissan. For example, Taken (rebranded as Taken a Test Drive) has a new tagline that states “First they took his Maxima, now they’re coming for him.” There are also several gifs (our favorite here at The News Wheel), one featuring Neeson as Star Wars’ Qui-Gon Jinn saying “Get away from my Maxima” and  one from Love Actually that says “Nissan is number one.”


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It looks as if Nissan created this site itself, because most of the images have the red Nissan banner in the corner. Of course, taking the brand banner from one image and adding it to another is not very difficult for graphic designers, so this could be a Nissan fan. Whoever did create this site, though, deserves a round of applause for sure.


See It For Yourself: