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Everything You Missed at the Nissan NISMO Festival

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Nissan celebrates another year of success at NISMO Festival in JapanOn December 11, 2016, more than 30,000 fans descended on Fuji Speedway in Japan to celebrate the Nissan NISMO Festival. We were so jealous that we had to miss out on the fun, from the performance car rides, to the NISMO Cars Parade, to the meet-and-greets with NISMO’s best. While we can’t live all of the experiences from afar, Nissan streamed the whole event on its YouTube NISMO channel, and the video is still live. Like the event, the video is eight hours long, but that’s a mere blink of an eye for the most dedicated NISMO fans. Take a look at it for yourself below.

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It certainly looks as if the fans and Nissan itself had a fun time celebrating the performance brand they all love. At the event, officials from Nissan thanked the “Nissan Supporter’s Association” for its 20 years cheering on the automaker’s motorsports teams, giving its leader a certificate of appreciation and a DVD of well-wishes from everyone on the race teams. Nissan also was celebrating its good year on the track, winning five out of eight Super GT races in Japan and wins in major American and Australian race circuits. Nissan and Super GT driver Ronnie Quintarelli also received special recognition for his work in the past year raising money for earthquake relief in Italy.

“We have shared many ups and downs this year.” said NISMO CEO Takao Katagiri. “We would like to thank you all, our fans, for your unwavering support and will continue to strive to ensure that next year you continue to think that Nissan is No. 1 in motorsports and road cars.”

Here at The News Wheel, we’ll keep dreaming that next year will be our year to attend this Japanese festival.

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