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Final “Cars 3” Trailer Provides Feels on Wheels [VIDEO]

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Cars are supposed to move you around, not move you to tears!

For the most part, Pixar is famous for creating films that tug on the heartstrings. After all, very few audience members can sit through the first few minutes of Up with dry eyes.

Still, of the franchises under Pixar’s belt, the Cars series isn’t exactly known for eliciting emotional responses from movie-goers. The automotive-based franchise has somehow managed to feel more toyetic than the Toy Story movies. And those movies are about toys!

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And yet, in the months leading up to the premiere of Cars 3, there seem to be hints that Pixar is weaving its narrative expertise into the Cars movies now more than ever. This phenomenon is best displayed through the teasers and trailers released for the film.

Not much buzz was being generated for the third movie in the Cars trilogy before the first teaser trailer hit the streets in November. Contrary to the atmosphere of the previous two films (especially Cars 2), the teaser had a bleak and foreboding mood, accompanied by images of Lightning McQueen involved in a serious accident.

You can watch that trailer below:

Following trailers elaborated on the story of Cars 3. The film will center on Lighting McQueen as he deals with two hard truths: he is aging, and the world of racing is changing in ways he can’t quite keep up with. Pretty heavy stuff for a series that involves talking cars.

Even with the film debuting in theaters later this week, Disney and Pixar have decided to release one final trailer for the film, and it is just as emotionally-charged and moving as every other one released so far.

The Story of Cars 3: [VIDEO] Lightning McQueen Faces “Mid-Size Crisis” in New ‘Cars 3’ Trailer

“The Limit” teaser for Cars 3 draws its name from the Eagles ballad “Take It to the Limit” featured in the trailer, not usually the kind of music one would expect to hear in a trailer for a kids movie. Still, the song’s lyrics seem to reinforce the narrative of the movie quite effectively.

Near the beginning of the trailer, we see McQueen fall behind race after race. As two other cars zoom past him, a heart-wrenching look of realization forms across his face (grille?).

This is the face of a broken car

“This is my last chance,” McQueen declares in a pleading tone. “If I lose, I never get to do this again.”

The remainder of the trailer shows an exhausted McQueen training and pushing himself to his absolute limits. He even visits a speedway that served as the old stomping grounds for his mentor from the first film, Doc Hudson, played by the late Paul Newman.

The creators of Cars 3 have promised that Newman’s character, Doc Hudson, will play a major role in Cars 3

According to the first film, Hudson’s racing career tragically came to an end after a horrific crash. Judging by the trailers leading up to the premiere of the film, a similar fate might await Lightning McQueen.

You can watch the final trailer for Cars 3 below:

So, will Cars 3 join fellow Pixar films in the pantheon of animated movies that make audience members break down in tears? Or is this simply one of the most masterfully deceiving marketing campaigns ever devised for a Disney movie? Audience members will have their answer when Cars 3 hits theaters this Friday.

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