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Don’t Hold Your Phone in a Florida School Zone

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Don’t do this in a Florida school or construction zone

Before we go any further, let’s make this clear: Regardless of whether there’s a law against it or not, you should never have your cellphone in your hand while driving near construction, schools, or anywhere else.

If you do need the threat of a ticket to keep you from engaging in this kind of risky behavior, though, Florida legislators are on the case.

New Florida law cracks down on dangerous cellphone habit

As of Oct. 1, holding and using a phone as you drive through a Florida school zone or road construction zone opens you up to a $60 fine (plus taxes and fees) and three points on your driver’s license.

Violating this law counts as a primary offense, which means police don’t need any other reason to pull you over and cite you.

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If using a phone in the banned zones is a bad habit you need to kick, police are enforcing the law with a bit of leeway for the first few months. If local or state police officers catch you in the act before Jan. 1, you’ll get a warning.

If you really do need to access phone functions as you drive, officials recommend using hands-free technology — as long as you don’t have earpieces in both ears.  

Even if you’re not in a zone affected by this new law, you should start using hands-free phone tech anyway. Another recently passed Florida law prohibits texting while driving. First-time offenders are subject to a $30 ticket. And a bill under consideration in the state legislature would bar drivers from touching their phones at all while operating a motor vehicle.  

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News Source: Florida Today