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Ford Demonstrates C-V2X Technology Publicly in China

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Ford Demonstrates C-V2X

Ford this month demonstrated the capabilities of its Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology during live, public testing at the 2018 World Internet of Things Expo in Wuxi, China. C-V2X connects vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure, gathering data and using it to better sure safety and mobility in real time.

“With its ability to safely and securely connect vehicles, along with its evolution into 5G, C-V2X is integral to Ford’s vision for future transportation in which all vehicles and infrastructure talk to each other,” said Thomas Lukaszewicz, manager automated driving, Ford Asia Pacific and Europe. “We are excited to be part of successful demonstrations in Wuxi and elsewhere, which continue to promote the development of C-V2X worldwide.”

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C-V2X breaks down into direct and network modes that develop “uses cases” for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Vehicle, and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian communications. V2I testing involves informing drivers of upcoming red and green lights and offering speed range recommendations aimed at improving efficiency and minimizing the amount of time stopped at a light. V2V includes Emergency Electronic Brake Light and Intersection Movement Assist technologies, which allows connected vehicles communicate so as to avoid collisions. V2P technology includes the Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning, which notifies drivers of cyclists and other pedestrians.

“We are proud of the progress we’ve made in C-V2X development around the world, which is critical to achieving Ford’s vision of building smart vehicles for a smart world,” said Julius Marchwicki, director, connected vehicle platform and product delivery, Ford Asia Pacific. “With fast, safe, and secure communication between the components of a mobility network, we can achieve a more sustainable transportation system and more enjoyable experience for all.”

The first phase of C-V2X technology includes upgrading from 4G to 5G and conducting technical tests of LTE-V2X. Ford is also carrying out a similar project in Denver as part of a partnership with Panasonic and Qualcomm.

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