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Ford Celebrates Henry Ford’s 150th Anniversary

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Henry Ford’s 150th Anniversary

We are celebrate Henry Ford’s 150th Anniversary this year.

Henry Ford would be 150 years old if he were still alive today, and to be completely honest, it almost comes as a surprise that such a titan of the modern industry didn’t live that long. Ford has made such a large and lasting impact on the United States—and the world—that it’s difficult to imagine how things would be had he not been around.

110 years ago, he designed the Model A, the beginning of his dream to build cars that were “reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient,” a vision that still resonates within the company today.

105 years ago, Ford was already up to the Model T, which was an enormous success and became the first mass-produced car in the world available to the middle-class.

100 years ago, the demand for the Model T was so high that Ford invented the moving assembly line, forever changing industrialization and building so many Model Ts (one every 93 minutes) that before long, more than half of the cars in the world were Model Ts.

But Ford didn’t just revolutionize the manufacturing process. Recognizing the monotony of his own assembly lines, he doubled his worker’s wages and shortened their workdays, at a great cost of personal profit. 10,000 people raced to Highland Park the day after the announcement to try to work for Henry Ford.

50 years ago and following his legacy, the Ford Motor Company released the Mustang, which since then has become a hallmark of American muscle cars and dominates racetracks around the nation.

Learn more and join the 150th anniversary celebration of one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs at

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