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Ford SYNC AppLink Adds DriverScore Compatibility

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DriverScore Ford SYNC AppLink

Ford has announced that its vehicles will work with the DriverScore® smartphone app to help drivers save money on their insurance premiums by documenting and scoring driving behaviors. The app, compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink, gives users the ability to share a personalized driver score with their insurance provider as a means to negotiate a lower insurance rate.

“DriverScore is a great example of how SYNC AppLink makes it easy for developers, like IVOX, to create apps that enhance the ownership experience,” said Dave Hatton, Ford global manager, mobile applications and emergency services. “Not only does it encourage good driving, it incentivizes you with the potential to save money on car insurance.”

DriverScore can be permitted to access vehicle data and performance data, and with a user’s permission, share that data with insurance providers through the DiscountZone™ feature to receive insurance quotes based on that data. The app analyzes everything from vehicle speed, acceleration, braking, where a vehicle is driven, and the times of day during which it is driven.

Ford SYNC AppLink DriverScore app

“DriverScore started as a tool for commercial fleets, but we quickly realized it could be expanded to all drivers via Ford’s AppLink platform,” said Gregg Warren, CEO of IVOX. “DriverScore empowers drivers by giving them access to their personal driving data in a simple application to get more personal quotes from participating insurance companies. Simply put, consumers will have more control over their own data and their insurance premiums.”

After the first 50 miles of driving, users will receive an initial score up to 100. The higher the score, the more responsible the driving habits. Users receive a daily notification alerting them to their score for that day, with a cumulative score earned at the end of each month. Users can also track progress and monitor their habits on a month-to-month basis.