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GM Debuts ‘Everybody In’ Campaign for Electric Vehicles

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The "Everybody In" campaign
The “Everybody In” campaign
Photo: General Motors

General Motors has launched the new “Everybody In” marketing campaign. This campaign aims to expedite drivers’ adoption of electric vehicles and show the automaker’s support for a more eco-friendly and safe future.

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What does the “Everybody In” campaign entail?

Malcolm Gladwell in the "Everybody In" campaign
Malcolm Gladwell in the campaign
Photo: General Motors

The marketing campaign has three main themes: accelerating the adoption of EVs, emphasizing the capabilities of the new Ultium platform, and showing how GM is leading when it comes to EVs.

“‘Everybody In’ demonstrates our intent to lead, while inviting others – policymakers, partners, individuals – to play an active role in moving society forward, whether that’s helping to expand infrastructure, advocating for progress in their communities, or simply taking an EV for a test drive to learn about the benefits of EV ownership,” said Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer.

Bethany Hamilton in the "Everybody In" campaign
Bethany Hamilton in the campaign
Photo: General Motors

The campaign gives an optimistic look at GM’s future, which will consist of 30 new EVs before 2026. This next generation of EVs will utilize the Ultium platform and have a driving range of up to 450 miles on a full charge.

GM is also featuring inspiring influencers who promote change in its advertisements. They include professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, gamer Erin A. Simon, fitness instructor Cody Rigsby, and author Malcolm Gladwell.

Other changes to GM

The new GM logo
The new GM logo
Photo: General Motors

At the same time that it’s launching this campaign, GM is also working to revamp its brand identity with a new logo. This logo builds on GM’s history while also having a more modern look. It utilizes bright blue tones to represent the clean skies of an all-EV future. The line under the “m” is a nod to previous logos, and the negative space of the “m” is designed to look similar to an electrical plug.

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GM is complementing the “Everybody In” campaign by also debuting a new site. You can check out this site now to learn more about how GM is electrifying its lineup.