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GMC Desert Fox Concept Truck Makes Appearance at IGN Convention in Dubai

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GMC Desert Fox Concept Truck

Back in November, GMC wowed vintage truck enthusiasts in the Middle East by bringing the Desert Fox Jimmy-inspired Desert Fox Middle East Concept Truck to the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show. Keeping with its regional exclusivity, the GMC Desert Fox Concept Truck broke cover yet again in December, popping up during a special appearance at the IGN Convention at Hub Zero, City Walk in Dubai.

The IGN Convention, named for the video game and entertainment media company notorious for its illogical review scores, celebrated its fifth year in 2017 and was free to the public. Among the events that took place during the daylong event were crowd dance-offs, wrestling and video game trivia, celebrity discussion panels, and a cosplay contest.

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GMC Desert Fox Concept Truck

Helpfully, GMC had this to say of the IGN Convention and its relationship to the Desert Fox Concept Truck:

As thousands prepare to gather at IGN Con to celebrate and share their passion for all things video gamesmoviescomics, and pop culture, GMC’s Desert Fox concept is itself a potential automotive legend in the making, exuding its own unique blend of style and power.

Perhaps you clicked one of the links above, perhaps not. If you haven’t, let me spare you the suspense: GMC just went ahead and linked to the Wikipedia articles for video games, movies, comics, and pop culture. So, if you don’t know what those things are, feel free to enrich yourself.

GMC didn’t offer any further insight as to whether the potential automotive legend in the making would be making the jump to production, or if it would ever show up anywhere outside of the Middle East down the line, or who it thinks would win in a race between Superman and The Flash, but it did offer up some photos of the Desert Fox Concept Truck. That’s something, at least!

GMC Desert Fox Concept Truck

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