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LeBron James Super Bowl Ad Launches Strong, Silent GMC Hummer

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GMC Hummer
Photo: GMC

The controversial, gas-guzzling Hummer is about to return as a GMC model — but this time, it’s being powered by electricity and a major ad campaign starring pro basketball star LeBron James.

After several teasers, GMC debuted its full 30-second ad for the Hummer on Super Bowl Sunday, playing up the model’s immense yet quiet power and capability.

The GMC Hummer ad begins with the thunder of horses’ hooves, then cuts to a herd running across a mountainous backdrop. “1,000 horsepower … will sound like this,” reads the ad text as the soundtrack suddenly cuts to silence.

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The visuals and sound then switch to a noisy factory setting before the sound drops out again. “11,500 pound feet of torque … will sound like this.” (CNET notes that GMC’s 11,500 lb-ft number refers to wheel torque, although most vehicle specs typically use a model’s much lower engine torque number instead).

The scene changes again to a growling motorcycle speeding down a track and another cut to silence. “0 to 60 in 3 seconds … will sound like this.”

Finally, LeBron James makes his appearance. A basketball thuds against the hardwood, then James soars up for a silent, backboard-shattering dunk and smiles as the glass rains down around him. “Pure dominance … will sound like this.”

“A quiet revolution is coming,” the ad text vows. James chimes in to close out the spot: “All electric … zero emissions … zero limits … Hummer EV from GMC.”

GMC plans to fully reveal the new Hummer on May 20, and the ad’s fine print states that the vehicle will be available for sale in fall 2021.

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